” The voice of strategy, calmness, and reason

“Where to begin?! Over the last six years, my wife and I have completed 3 transactions with Alicia, her guiding us through the pitfalls, surprises, and all around battle it sometimes takes to buy properties. In the summer of 2021, she championed efforts to list our home, place a contingency offer on a new home 120 miles away, sell our home, and ultimately close on our new home – a tough scenario that she handled beautifully. Several key takeaways from our various experiences with Alicia: if there’s something unique about a particular circumstance that she’s not encountered, she doesn’t offer up a stock response to quell the inquiry, she reaches out to her team and gets nuanced answers; she’s the voice of strategy, calmness, and reason, which is a valued asset in getting through a transaction; if problems occur outside of her immediate purview, she moves right to the obstacle and uses leverage and negotiation to get them handled. Another endearing trait: she doesn’t rest on her reputation and experience. Instead, she forges ahead with knowledge seeking endeavors, always in search of new tools, new mentors, and better techniques, both personally and professionally. She’s a true partner and my wife and I are elated to utilize her wealth of knowledge and professionalism.• Steve and Izzy, buyers and sellers

” Guided us through every step

“Words cannot describe my gratitude for Alicia. Purchasing a house can be a stressful experience. Purchasing a house during a pandemic — even more so! Alicia and her team are so knowledgeable. Alicia guided us through every step and was so patient. At no point did I feel rushed, pressured or that she had any other goal than to find a house we loved and could call home. She was like a real estate guardian angel helping us through the whole process. She is even making the transition through the move flawless— all while we are not even there. I am truly grateful for her and her team. An extra bonus — she has the most beautiful and creative design aesthetic, and I want to hire her to help me with the interior design of the house. I mean, I can’t believe this woman exists. Thank you Alicia, from the bottom of my heart.• Amber, buyer

” She goes above and beyond

“If you’re looking to buy or sell a home, do yourself a favor and hire Alicia as your real estate broker. You will be so happy you did. She goes above and beyond. She is the best broker in the entire L.A. area, and she services a wide range of the L.A. area — Santa Monica, Malibu, Westwood, Beverly Hills and further East. She knows about a lot of pocket listings — more than any other broker in L.A. — and she also actively searches for new pocket listings that match the home style you’re looking to buy within your budget. In 2017 my husband and I were referred to Alicia through an acquaintance who used Alicia as his real estate broker when he purchased a condo in Santa Monica. I was in search of the perfect 1920s restored Spanish Revival house in L.A. Alicia physically toured every house that was a possibility, traveling all over L.A., including Santa Monica and Beverly Hills, to pre-screen each home. She also told us about several pocket listings not publicly listed for sale. We bought a dream beachfront house in Malibu. Alicia was fantastic. Fast forward to April 2020 when I was in the market again, this time to buy a 2nd house in L.A. I knew I wanted Alicia as my broker. Once again she toured every house, prescreening them, so I didn’t waste time going to houses that weren’t going to be contenders. She was super responsive, always answered her phone, and was cheerful throughout my house hunt. Once again she told me about several fantastic pocket listings within my budget. She attended every inspection herself. I closed on my new L.A. house in Westwood 90024 in April. As I live in Pennsylvania at the moment, and due to COVID couldn’t get to L.A., Alicia has been going to my house to get package deliveries, be present during my home security system installation appointment, and checking on the house until I get to L.A. in 2 weeks. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Alicia. I am super happy she was my broker, and I plan to use her as my broker if and when I ever sell my 2 L.A. houses.• Anna Sunshine, buyer

” A dream to work with

“Alicia is a dream to work with, she’s intelligent, experienced and dexterous when it comes to the real estate market! I couldn’t recommend her any higher and look forward to working with her in the future.” • Nicole, buyer

” She’s fantastic

“Alicia has sold 2 houses for me. She did an extraordinary job on selling our 2nd home. It was a complex process due to a short sale and a divorce. Her expertise and experienced advice on what we could expect proved to be right on. I recommend her services highly to anyone. She’s fantastic.” Will, seller

” Great results, expert, creative

“I hired Alicia to sell my marital home in 2007. I got more per sq foot than anyone had or has since. That’s what I can say. You want someone who doesn’t blink, knows how to work a deal to get you the best deal. That’s Alicia hands-down. Now with the proceeds from my home, in a hot market, she turned around and got my condo for $50K under the asking. How? Again, no blinking, worked the deal. It was amazing. Hire her, she’ll get it done. Alicia’s Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative.”   Marie, buyer and seller

” Will serve any client or prospect well

“Alicia is a long time friend and associate whom I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with on various projects. She is quite unique for her ability to offer both an incredibly strong design aesthetic and well tested real estate industry acumen. Her unflagging energy, intuitive gift and ability to think outside traditional channels when needed will serve any client or prospect well. Above all, you’ll benefit from Alicia’s “winner’s” attitude!”   Michael, current client

” I highly recommend her

“I’d been looking for a special unit at The Four Seasons for over a year without success. A friend referred Alicia Drake to me and she went to work. With her incredible creativity for marketing and negotiation, she was able to finally find me the most beautiful home and negotiate the best price in a very competitive market. I highly recommend her!” • Zachary Adelson Venetian Hotel

” Helpful in every way

“It is difficult to convey in writing the level of personal care and support that Alicia provides – being helpful in every way. Thanks to her perseverance we were able to purchase an ideal unit in the building of our choice. Furthermore, long after the closing, Alicia continued to support us by volunteering her assistance in every way, including but not limited to the process of our move. I have never encountered a more genuine and generous professional. It has been a true pleasure having worked with her and i will forever be grateful to her.” • Ramin, buyer

” Attention to detail

“Alicia helped me in a commercial acquisition in Los Angeles and I couldn’t have been happier with her professionalism and expertise, both in negotiation and the local market. Her attention to detail and prompt responsiveness made me feel comfortable and ahead of the game throughout. I would highly recommend her for any assistance with buying/selling commercial or residential properties in the LA market.” • Erik Lindstrom

” Deep understanding of the business

“I have known Alicia for many years and have worked with her to develop some of the marketing materials she has used to promote the properties of her clients. I have been very impressed by Alicia’s innovative thinking, resourcefulness, experience and professional integrity. Alicia is able to leverage her creative skills in many ways that benefit her clients: For one her discerning eye is an asset to any client wanting to stage their property for sale in the best light possible; on the other hand, she is also amazing at seeing the potential of certain properties and finding amazing gems for her buyers.
Additionally, her innovative approach to marketing helps her break through the clutter and create results for her clients that other realtors simply can’t match due to her unique talents. Finally, her deep understanding of the business, her negotiating experience, and her reliability and commitment make her an invaluable asset to people on either side of a transaction. I am sure that if you do business with Alicia you will soon be writing one of these notes yourself.”
• Alfredo Muccino, Chief Creative Officer, Liquid Agency

” Superb knowledge of the market trends

“This particular home sale was an extremely complicated process, as there were three people on the seller’s side, with very divergent needs during the course of the sale, and at least one or two of us was always out of town during the entire time. As this was a short-sale situation, Alicia also had to work with the odd and often confusing restrictions and requirements imposed on the deal by the bank – frequently with unclear directions and extremely tight deadlines. Alicia managed the difficult situation of balancing our various requirements and circumstances on the seller’s side, with the buyers needs, and they were going through some complicated issues of their own. She acted with grace under extreme pressure, demonstrated a superb knowledge of the market trends, market comps and pricing to get maximum benefit for us in the short-sale process, and displayed strong dedication to creating an ethical, honest and fair transaction for the buyers, as well. Somehow, she took a situation where our property was headed for foreclosure due to its various complications, and turned it into a successful short-sale win for us, the bank, and the happy new home owners. Alicia is fantastic, and I give her my top recommendation.” • Jade, seller

” Easy and successful experience

“Alicia helped me buy and sell a house in the last 6 months. Both experiences were immensely successful in a market that is extremely competitive. There were many offers on the house I wanted to purchase and Alicia made sure our offer stood out and maintained constant contact with the listing agent, so there were no surprises. What could’ve been stressful and unsuccessful was neither, as she made sure we had our offer accepted and we went through the escrow process smoothly. When I sold my house, the experience was equally easy and successful. Despite the house I was selling having quirks, Alicia had it photographed expertly, listed it correctly, had the right approach to listing price, and we ended up getting multiple offers, all over asking, and we closed in 30 days at a price considerably over asking. Alicia was absolutely essential to my successful Real Estate transactions in the last six months. I recommend her highly and will always work with her in any Real Estate transactions.” • Bob, buyer and seller

” Dedication and professionalism is impressive

“I have had the pleasure to work with Alicia Drake on two important transactions. These were for sales of two properties each with their own unique, and yes, challenging aspects. Alicia went above-and-beyond the call of duty with the first property she sold for us. She helped us get the absolute top dollar for our 7-story rock-star home in San Francisco, which featured 4-story high windows over our full-size swimming pool in the living room, including expansive views of the gorgeous city lights, all the way across the Bay Bridge to the East Bay. Fantastic? Yes! Super unique and tricky to market? Also, yes. This property needed to have some serious renovations and the right buyer to bring in the highest possible sale price. Alicia made this happen for us by orchestrating a ‘freshening up” of the property, including repairs and renovations, updating, landscaping and staging. Alicia helped us with every step of this process, and got us fantastic work at amazing rates. She also created a beautiful website for the property which ended up bringing us our ultimate buyer for this showcase home at substantially over asking. The second property Alicia sold for us was challenging in a very different way. We had a property in Los Angeles that needed to be sold as a short-sale. Alicia coordinated with the bank and the various parties involved to help make this tricky process go as smoothly as possible. Alicia’s dedication and professionalism is impressive, as is her ability to see what a property needs in order to get the best possible sale for her clients. I would recommend Alicia to anyone interested in buying or selling real estate. She is a gem.” • Naomi, seller